Via Paolo Sarpi, Milan.
15 — 21 April, 2024

The centennial historic Chinatown in Milan, a cultural gathering locus, a bridge between Italy and China where creative industries develop, innovate, integrate.

Via Sarpi and its surrounding will be enlivened by urban design experiments made by independent designers who will display their work on the windows of clubs and stores along the street during design week, together with design and art galleries.With Centro Culturale Cinese — the epicenter of the district, ZONA SARPI will be brand new during MDW 2024!


The Gate of Sarpi — Noi men

Tommaso Lanciani x PAO

A temporary artwork conceived and created by creative Tommaso " JACK BURTON" Lanciani and street artist Paolo "PAO" Bordino, for the ZONA SARPI 2024 , as part of Milan Design Week. All with the support and technical advice of Dontstop Architettura and the supervision of Michele Brunello.

It is for all intents and purposes a gateway to the Sarpi neighborhood, built toward Baiamonti Square to welcome visitors and residents during Design Week. It was conceived in a collaborative way with the help of 2 workshops / brainstorming with the children/children of the 2nd B of the Primary School of the Giuseppe Giusti Institute and the children/children of the Chinese Cultural Center of Via Paolo Sarpi.

The idea is to tell in visual form the peculiarities of the Sarpi area, with special emphasis on the positive coexistence of Italian, Chinese and Italo-Chinese residents in the neighborhood for a hundred years now.



Silvan Borer x Tommaso Lanciani

Cultivating | Preparing | Cooking | Plating | Eating

along via sarpi


Sankai & Marine Vortex

Varvara Erikhova & Nina Songhori & Camilla Rocchi

Chateau Dufan
Piazzale Baiamonti 1, Via Paolo Sarpi, 2

This project is an exploration of form and technology, in which the fluidity of sea sponges iscaptured through modeling and 3D printing. Each work embodies the dynamic essence of a vortex,where forms twist and contort, suggesting eternal motion. 3D printing acts as a conduit between thedigital form and the tangible world, offering a snapshot of the elegant chaos found in the depths ofthe sea. The resulting works are a challenge between digital precision and natural spontaneity, atestament to the symbiosis of art, nature, and technology.


Wenzhou Breezes

Sinco Wenzhou

Cantina Sarpi 1
Via Paolo Sarpi, 1

Sinco Wenzhou is an urban cultural magazine. The editorial team explore the living history, traditional craftsmanship, and also the legend of the new era in Wenzhou, a city renowned for its commercial prosperity. During the 2024 Milan Design Week - CHINA & DESIGN@- ZonaSAPRI, the magazine comes to Zona Sapri, Milan's Chinatown, which has a century-old history founded with the participation of Wenzhou immigrants. The breeze from the homeland carries the spirit of contemporary Wenzhou.


Infinity Trade

Max Yao

Via Paolo Sarpi, 9, 20154 Milano MI

The installation utilises infinity mirrors to present an outlook for the future of trading. The illusion of the never-ending coins reflect on the potential digitalisation and modernisation of currency, from physical matters such as paper notes to imaginary concepts of value. The piece also looks into the past of currency, with more basic materials such as wood and silk, which played important roles in business between East and West throughout history.


Untitled #34


Via Paolo Sarpi, 4

In occasione di Milano Design Week 2024 ARGON (Davide Libretti, Houssam Mahi, Marco Monico) propone 無題34号 (Untitled#34), un oggetto allegorico che racconta il rapporto sempre più intimo tra uomo e tecnologia.

無題34号 (Untitled#34) raffigura uno scrigno cibernetico sorretto da una stele, che sperimenta l'ibridazione tra organico e inorganico.

All’interno dello scrigno abita un Maneki-neko, il gatto portafortuna, simbolo stereotipato delle Chinatown occidentali, qui inteso come simbolo di superficialità. Esso funge da elemento di distrazione per il pubblico, che una volta invitato ad avvicinarsi, subisce il “furto” della propria immagine.

All’esterno dello scrigno sono esposte immagini di intimità rubata. L’intrattenimento come distrazione sfocia in quello che sembra essere il tema verso il quale il progresso tecnologico tende continuamente da secoli: la pornografia (Rule #34).


Cose Buone dal Mondo

Margherita Del Piano

Via Paolo Sarpi, 6



Shi Yue

Via Paolo Sarpi, 6



Cin Cin Pasta

Yue Liu x Joyce Tang

Via Bramante, 22, 20154 Milano MI

Italy and China, two countries renowned for their culinary traditions, both share a rich history of pasta. On the occasion of the opening of Milan Design Week • Zona Sarpi, Yue Liu and Joyce Tang, two Chinese designers based in Milan, present a fresh perspective on pasta through Food Design Thinking. Deriving from the concept of "FOODSCAPE," the designers hope to unfold a "PASTASCAPE" by deconstructing the process of pasta making, to explore the similar logic of human invention of pasta dishes: grains are crushed into powder, mixed with water, and then endowed with forms and flavors.

In collaboration with Ristorante Xi'an, the exhibition focuses on the broad noodles of China and Italy: Shaanxi's biang biang noodles and Tuscany's pappardelle, representing two delicious pathways that converge. The exhibition, named "Cin Cin Pasta," is where a bridge is built between China and Italy with pasta, and also celebrates the brilliant culinary civilization of mankind.

The message conveyed by the designers is that despite our diverse origins and languages, we can all enjoy our delicious pasta. Although food may not solve all the problems in the world, it can be a good starting point: perhaps, the moment we can eat together at the same table, we may also be able to deepen our conversations and build a connection.


De Coralia - Murano signature glasses

Oliosopatràs atelier

Oriente Store - Wang sas di Lin Lichan
Via Bramante, 29

De Coralia is a collection of vases and tableware made in Murano glass and inspired by the landscapes of the Caribbean.

The extraordinary properties of glass are combined with the bright colors of coral reefs, resulting in a selection of mirabilia naturalia that appear to be collected by an underwater expedition in some secluded seas. Light passes through the vases projecting vibrant and colorful reflections as among the tentacles of a waving anemone. Irregular glass fragments are reused to become precious marine concretions that colonize the surface of glasses and jugs.

With De Coralia, the excellent craftsmanship of Venetian master glassmakers is enriched with naturalistic visions, in a collection of unique objects that set up a dreamlike atmosphere.

Oliosopatràs is a Milan-based architecture and design studio, founded by Architect Pietro Olioso. The studio develops projects worldwide, focusing mainly on residential and hospitality, as much as on product design. The distinctive design approach of the studio addresses every project as part of a landscape to inhabit. A vision of space that conceives unique atmospheres for the spontaneous gestures of daily life. Whether it is about objects, interiors, buildings, or public spaces, oliosopatràs projects aspire to the delightful feeling of wonder and comfort that one gets from Nature.

Pietro Olioso developed his distinctive design vision working between Europe and China and collaborating with some of the contemporary masters, such as Renzo Piano and Stefano Boeri. In 2020 he established Oliosopatràs in Milan, a studio constantly challenging the concepts of space and form to unleash the potential of places and disclose the unexpected. He taught at the China Academy of Art and leads a countinuous research that noursih his relentless quest for beauty and innovation.

Contact us —


Chinese Zodiac 34-Year of Dragon

Beijing Happy Design Consulting Co., Ltd

Via Paolo Sarpi, 21

[ZodiacThirty-Four] is a movement of 34 outstanding designers from different provinces and autonomous regions across the country to update the local zodiac culture. With the "quadripartite continuous pattern"(refers to "the pattern produced by the continuous arrangement of a unit pattern to the surroundings") combined with the meaning of the zodiac symbol, the quadripartite continuous pattern of the next year is selected and evaluated in the middle of each year, through practical application in many fields, conveying the positive interpretation of the "zodiac" indifferent cultural regions.


Reflection of Cats

Nine Cats

LeThea Beautylab
Via Antonio Rosmini, 17

The work uses cats as anthropomorphic symbols, metaphorically expressing the confusion and anxiety experienced by people in the information age, as well as their yearning for inner peace and a sense of direction in life. It invites viewers to consider the connections between their own lives and the wider social context, and explores the potential of individual action to create positive change.


Terra Fiorita

Chiara De Giglio Ceramics

Re della Baita
Via Paolo Sarpi, 46

This collection was born from the evocative image of a flower that manages to bloom even from shaggy and inhospitable contexts. Starting with essential geometric volumes, the clay slab is shaped by generating deformations that recall sinuous forms of nature. The result is a series of artifacts that emphasize the contrast between the gracefulness of organic lines and the material solidity of clay. A solidity that is accentuated by the choice not to employ a colored glaze so as to show the natural texture of the earth. With this work, an attempt was made to pay homage to the silent force of nature.


Normografo Futurista

Marc Vincent Kalinka

Gianni Italia
Via Paolo Sarpi, 53

Plexiglass work.
The work is an homage to futurism and at the same time a tool for investigating contemporary instances.

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Via Sarpi

Via Sarpi and its surrounding will be enlivened by urban design experiments made by independent designers who will display their work on the windows of clubs and stores along the street during design week, together with design and art galleries. With Centro Culturale Cinese — the epicenter of the district, ZONA SARPI will be brand new during MDW 2024!

del Vapore

During MDW 2024, Fabbrica del Vapore will host Changes! curated by ZONA SARPI, an experimental and research ground for Chinese design. Chinese universities, cities, design weeks and designers are welcomed to showcase their most cutting-edge and up-to-date creations in various fields — organic urban renewal, eco-design, lifestyle, new materials and more.

Design Museum

During the MDW2024 within the ADI Design Museum, ZONA SARPI will be host with cutting edge design talks and a selection of designer, uniting the Chinese and Italian design cultural property, creating a new way of communication for the design capital Milan and ZONA SARPI.




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