Via Paolo Sarpi, Milan.
15 — 21 April, 2024


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Fondazione Sozzani

ADDRESS    |   Via Enrico Tazzoli 3

Fondazione Sozzani is a cultural institution established in Milan by Carla Sozzani in 2016 with the mission of supporting modern and contemporary cultural and artistic activities, in all its expressive forms.The Foundation has assumed the patronage of Galleria Carla Sozzani and continues the important public function that the gallery has carried out since 1990 for the promotion and dissemination of photography, culture, fashion, and the arts.

The Foundation is dedicated to social responsibility projects, runs educational programs, supports the new generation of creatives, and highlights the importance of circular fashion and sustainability. 

The venue at via Enrico Tazzoli 3 is located in an industrial building in the Chinatown area, in a green courtyard full of plants, flowers and light and offers a constant and innovative programming, with meetings, events, conferences, exhibitions.



Founded in 1984, Baleri Italia embraces a design philosophy aimed at creating distinctive and functional design, maintaining a constant commitment to expressive research combined with careful technical product development.

Baleri Italia's identity, born from the dialogical encounter of the two fundamental strands of the Italian design tradition, tech rationalism and postmodernism, integrates "reason and feeling."With its unique positioning, today Baleri Italia stands as the legitimate custodian of Italian design culture.



18 — 30 April
ADDRESS    |   The YAH Factory, Via bramante 13

YAH (Young Art Hunters) was born in 2019 as a simple artistic organisation, becoming first an association in 2021 and then acquiring its headquarters The YAH Factory in Via Bramante 13, in November 2022. The young staff of Young Art Hunters deals with the valorisation and promotion of art through the exposure of its featured artists through the organization of physical and virtual exhibitions, both personal and collective and an active participation in art fairs. YAH deals with all types of art and actively collaborates with Italian and international artists and realities, dealing with curatorship, coordination and organization of cultural events on Italian and international soil.  



TreP Design Lab
ADDRESS    |   Via Balestrieri 6

TreP is a historic company that produces doors, aluminum partition systems and boiserie.The space where we will organize the events is the TREP Design Lab in Milan, a reference single-brand showroom for the Milan market, where some of our most representative products and new products are displayed.

Among the products on display there will be "Luce" the door signed by Joe Colombo, historic Milanese designer, taken from a project dated 1969 created at Bayern in Cologne, "Visiona1", "Sophie" the door designed by Carlo Colombo, one of the most famous italian contemporary designer, and, among the new features, "Larius" a project inspired by the masterpiece of rationalist architecture by Giuseppe Terragni, the former Casa del Fascio in Como, created with Andrea Riccò, designer from Como, and Notes, a project by Luca Barengo, designer emerging.

Finally, a boiserie with an integrated door designed by Vincenzo Marsiglia, a contemporary artist, will be on display.


Galleria Luisa Delle Piane

Gallery of design
ADDRESS    |   Via Giuseppe Giusti 24

Since 1970, Luisa Delle Piane has carried out research and trade in the field of 20th-century decorative arts and design in its exhibition spaces.The Luisa Delle Piane Gallery directed by Luisa Delle Piane has been in operation since 1994 and has hosted a long series of exhibitions and events on design, contemporary art and jewelry in its Via Giuseppe Giusti location.The gallery also edits and produces exclusive furniture pieces.




16—21 April
‍Fabbrica del Vapo

Cinzia Ruggeri was a visionary, pioneering and eclectic figure in interdisciplinary exploration, skillfully blending art, fashion and design. Her experimental research encompassed a wide range of disciplines, incorporating elements and influences from different spheres of knowledge.

Renowned for his ability to combine these spheres into a unique and avant-garde synthesis, Ruggeri has left an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene. His recent major retrospectives at the MACRO museum in Rome and Goldsmiths CCA London, along with recent exhibitions in Vienna and Paris, have underscored the global reach of his artistic impact and his continuing influence, reaching a wide international audience and sparking ever-increasing admiration and interest in his work. The Milan Triennale recently opened its new archive spaces with an exhibition of her works from the Cinzia Ruggeri Archive and the Museum of Design, after presenting the monograph edited by Luca Lopinto and the MACRO museum published by Mousse Publishing.


Photography exhibition of TOWANT | oTTo

9—21 April
oTTo | Via Paolo Sarpi, 10

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Via Sarpi

Via Sarpi and its surrounding will be enlivened by urban design experiments made by independent designers who will display their work on the windows of clubs and stores along the street during design week, together with design and art galleries. With Centro Culturale Cinese — the epicenter of the district, ZONA SARPI will be brand new during MDW 2024!

del Vapore

During MDW 2024, Fabbrica del Vapore will host Changes! curated by ZONA SARPI, an experimental and research ground for Chinese design. Chinese universities, cities, design weeks and designers are welcomed to showcase their most cutting-edge and up-to-date creations in various fields — organic urban renewal, eco-design, lifestyle, new materials and more.

Design Museum

During the MDW2024 within the ADI Design Museum, ZONA SARPI will be host with cutting edge design talks and a selection of designer, uniting the Chinese and Italian design cultural property, creating a new way of communication for the design capital Milan and ZONA SARPI.




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