Fabbrica del Vapore
15 — 21 April, 2024

The exhibition Changes, hosted in the important Cultural Institution of the Fabbrica del Vapore, aims to explore the ongoing changes that are radically altering the Chinese lifestyle, and consequently contemporary design all around the world.

As the anthropology disciplines teach us, the objects of our everyday life can be read as a mirror of the society we live in, a sensor on the transformations taking place. They paint a portrait of our lifestyles. Universities, research institutes, designers and companies attentive to research and development will present the projects that strongly represent the contemporary changes taking place, during Milan Design Week 2024.The main exhibition is hosted in the Cisterne, divided into three sections representing Changes.

Changes in Cities

— where content will include CAFA-structured research on Post-Olympic cities, a topic that will soon concern Milan, the host city of 2026 Winter Olympics.

Changes in Life

— where the content will showcase the cities’ housing markets, profoundly revolutionized by the pandemic and recent developments.

Changes in Human

— where a selection from Asian Design Week will be exhibited, showcasing new digital tools that open up unprecedented scenarios of communication across lingual, physical and cultural barriers.


To Connect – Customize your shoes with Vibram Carrarmato soles


15 — 18 April
11:00 — 13:00 | 15:00 – 18:00

During Milano Design Week, Vibram presents an exclusive opportunity: personalize your shoes with the iconic Carrarmato sole.From Vitale Bramani's groundbreaking vision to its contemporary fashion applications, the Carrarmato design epitomizes mountaineering performance, boasting an illustrious history of remarkable achievements. Today, it stands as a pure design icon.From Himalayan pioneers to pop culture stars, the Carrarmato has adorned the feet of diverse individuals. Now, seize the chance to infuse your shoes with a piece of design history.


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Zen & Tea Immersive Space - Zen Design Creative Fair

Zen & Tea

The Zen & Tea Immersive Space seamlessly blends Zen philosophy with tea culture, offering a serene space formeditation and immersive tea ceremonies. With a focus on simplicity and a connection with nature, the space provides a tranquil escape for inner peace and mindfulness. Visitors can engage in authentic tea rituals, experiencing the richness of tradition and gaining insights into the historical and philosophical aspects of Zen and tea culture.

Food Changes the World - China Contemporary Food Design Exhibition

+86 Food Design Association

+86 Food Design Association was initiated by Designer Mr. Chi Wei. The Association aims to serve as an innovative food design trend research platform, promote food design culture.The China Food Design Exhibition will enter Milan Design Week, the birthplace of the international Slow Food movement, and start a dialogue on food design between China and Europe.This exhibition will be the first time that Chinese cuisine is combined with modern design, and will display more than 20 groups of brand exhibits on food packaging, traditional food innovations, and catering design derivatives.



MALTS & HOPS, UNITING ITALY & CHINA. POSTWAVE BREWING AT DESIGN WEEK 2024! Explore the creative energy of Postwave Brewing's beers during Milan Design Week 2024! A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, where each sip narrates a tale of craftsmanship, passion, and the questfor excellence.

Unesco chair in cultural Landscapes and Archaeological sites

School of ArchitectureZhengzhou University

The School of Architecture in Zhengzhou University, founded in 1958, has a history of more than 60 years. It is one of the earliest architecture faculties established in China. In the context of glo-balization, cultural exchange, and innovative design, the School of Architecture at Zhengzhou University is actively engaging in international exchanges. Leveraging the UNESCO Chair in Cul-tural Landscapes and Archeological Sites, the school seeks to expand cooperation in teaching, research, and design.

Design to Wonderland | Fusion of Tradition & Innovation

Shanghai Design Week

The DESIGN TO WONDERLAND of SHANGHAI DESIGN WEEK (SHDW) is a project that celebrates the impact of design in facilitating the international development of the consumer products industry, acting as a new global site for Shanghai consumer brands, and connecting leading design minds around the world.

The exhibition aims to showcase the creative diversity manifested in integrating traditional Chinese cultural elements into contemporary design.

Exhibition Focus —
● Sustainable Development
The exhibition promote environmental protection concepts, green design, renewable materials, etc., help industrial transformation and upgrading, and achieve harmonious symbiosis with nature.

● Brand Growth Ecology
Provide a global stage for brands to showcase and help them accelerate on the leading track of global design.

● Cultural Aesthetics Renaissance
We use design to break boundaries and use creativity to build bridges, from classics to the future, from the East to the world. From the continuous imagination, interpretation and reinvention of cultural elements, we can get a glimpse of Chinese design spirit.



MoreLess is committed to creating contemporary furniture for Chinese families. MoreLess also values simplicity and honesty, as evident in our motto: ‘With hollow, you fill. With decrepit, you renew. With less, you gain. With more, you are perplexed.’ Our brand embodies balance and uniqueness, just like ourselves and the world around us.

Brick by Brick: High-rise Housing with Smart Brick in Hong Kong

Tom Chan Design

Brick by Brick: High-rise Housing with Smart Brick in Hong Kong, Tom Chan is an architectural designer from Hong Kong, China.He is currently working at Foster + Partners in London, UK, involving in various projects such as luxurious resort village design in Saudi Arabia. He also runs a multimedia design service that specialises in animated architectural visualisation.

The Nobilia + Raumplus R & D center



CHIASMUS PARTNERS is an international atelier firm that was founded in New York City in 2005. With the expansion of the team, it now has offices in Beijing, Seoul and Newport Beach, USA, and has been involved in the design of many international cultural spaces and advanced commercial projects. Lead by James Wei Ke, the partner and co-founder of the firm, Chiasmus is committed to developing innovative buildings, pursuing contradictions in culture and architecture, asking questions and solving problems.

The Nobilia + Raumplus R & D center

The Nobilia + Raumplus R & D center was envisioned as a micro-environment where research, experiment, management, exhibition and product launch can take place. Four interlocking rectangular volumes protect an elongated courtyard. A large ground floor volume is delineated in man-made stone, while a sculptural volume, clad in zinc panels, floats above a second story made of glass curtain walls. This floating effect is accentuated by the horizontal cut between the lower and upper parts of the building, created by the retreat of the glass facades, that in this way get hidden compared to the plane of the facade and protected from direct sunlight. The elongated courtyard also calls to mind the timeless Fiat Lingotto Factory in Turin, Italy.

Bing DwenDwen

The Mascot Design for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games "Bing DwenDwen” + The Mascot Design for Olympic Cultural "Dragon Dwen Dwen”

"Bing Dwen Dwen", the mascot of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, has been keened by publics and highly praised by the International Olympic Committee.The Mascot Design for Olympic Cultural Heritage"Dragon Dwen Dwen”, 2024 is the year of the Chinese zodiac Dragon. Combining the Chinese dragon image with the "Bing Dwen Dwen" image, "Dragon Dwen Dwen" image came into being, and its series of licensed products became the top-selling products. 1 million sales within 2



The new era of 3D printing technology leads trends, enabling boundless travel beyond limits.STARAY, a brand that values quality, internationalization, and sustainability, uses 3D printing technology to create a diverse range of 3D printed consumer products, deeply engaging with consumer communities and expanding the dimensions of daily life.

Chinese Design Create Chinese Brands


Chinese design has burst into vivid vitality today through the relay of several generations. Designers who have been immersed in traditional Chinese culture, with unique perspectives and innovative thinking, combine traditional culture with modern aesthetics, give unique connotations and emotions, and create works with the charm of oriental aesthetics. Welcome to the world of Chinese design, and explore with us the infinite possibilities of oriental aesthetics and lifestyles.

Chinese Children’s Design in Milan

Beijing InternationalChildren's Design InnovationSeries Activities

The Beijing International Children's Design Innovation Series Activities is the first large-scale platform level brand event in China that focuses on children as the main body and service object, and uses ''design'' as the educational guidance method. It is jointly created by multiple professional institutions in children's education, art education, design, amusement and other fields from China and internationally. In collaboration with Milan Children's Design Week, it aims to create a global high-quality design innovation experience exhibition and series of activities for children.

Ethnic Sartorial & Lifestyle Design

Hainan Normal University

THIS YEAR LONGZHUGE NAKESITS DEBUT AT MILAN DESIGNWEEK 2024! The Longzhuge pattern, as a ceramic base logo, began to be used in the Jingdezhen porcelain industry in 1963, making it the city emblem of Jingdezhen.In 2021, Jingdezhen CeramicCulture Tourism Group embarked on the revival of the"Longzhuge" brand.

Better for All

ZTE | nubia

Better for AllZTE Devices has released its "Better for All" global brand vision, which is committed to satisfying all global consumers by providing competitive products & services with better design, better experience, and better quality, offering a better life to all.nubia is a highly personalized smart terminal brand owned by ZTE. nubia is committed to bringing unparalleled user experience and distinctive lifestyle to global users who want to pursue personalized and innovative products.

One Space, More Chance


The exhibition is centered around the artwork titled One Space, More Chance, which is displayed together with creative images through ultra large frames. The planning and construction of the city fully demonstrate the creativity of green space and the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.In his painting One Space, More Chance, Wuheqilin employs a blend of science fiction and expressionism, seamlessly merging the dynamic and static facets of the city within a single realm.With grandiosity and finesse, it highlights the distinctive allure of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center, opitomizing the symbiotic coexistence envisioned for the "City of the Future".

Year of Dragon Global Journey


"One Word One World - Year of Dragon 2024" is an international cultural and creative design competition. It is dedicated to showcase art and creative design as a means to boost and integrate the best of Chinese culture with world cutting edge designs, serving to promote better understanding among people and thus achieving a more harmonious global "One World "community."One Word One World" global cultural and creative design competition was officially launched on September 22, 2023 during the opening ceremony of Beijing International Design Week.

To welcome the year of Dragon in 2024, the character "Dragon" was chosen as the central character in addition to eight others. This competition calls on worldwide creative design enthusiasts to submit a design based on the inspiration they get from the selected Chinese characters. Xiao Kejia serves as the Artistic Director of the competition. In addition, the organizing committee created a panel of selected judges that includes renowned artists in the fields of architecture, design, film, music and others. This competition not only intends to advance the cultural mission of "One Word One World" but also to promote the winning design works internationally.Looking ahead to 2024, the "Year of Dragon Global Journey" exhibition will travel to global metropolises such as Milan, Paris, New York, Bangkok, Tokyo, and others. The award winning works exhibited at the Milan Design Week - China Week will mark their international debut, allowing global audiences to appreciate the profundity and uniqueness of Chinese culture, thus achieving deeper exchange and collaboration among different

Dai Bei Talk in MILAN

The exhibition is centered around the artwork titled One Space, More Chance, which is displayed together with creative images through ultra large frames. The planning and construction of the city fully demonstrate the creativity of green space and the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.In his painting One Space, More Chance, Wuheqilin employs a blend of science fiction and expressionism, seamlessly merging the dynamic and static facets of the city within a single realm.With grandiosity and finesse, it highlights the distinctive allure of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center, opitomizing the symbiotic coexistence envisioned for the "City of the Future".

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Via Sarpi

Via Sarpi and its surrounding will be enlivened by urban design experiments made by independent designers who will display their work on the windows of clubs and stores along the street during design week, together with design and art galleries. With Centro Culturale Cinese — the epicenter of the district, ZONA SARPI will be brand new during MDW 2024!

del Vapore

During MDW 2024, Fabbrica del Vapore will host Changes! curated by ZONA SARPI, an experimental and research ground for Chinese design. Chinese universities, cities, design weeks and designers are welcomed to showcase their most cutting-edge and up-to-date creations in various fields — organic urban renewal, eco-design, lifestyle, new materials and more.

Design Museum

During the MDW2024 within the ADI Design Museum, ZONA SARPI will be host with cutting edge design talks and a selection of designer, uniting the Chinese and Italian design cultural property, creating a new way of communication for the design capital Milan and ZONA SARPI.




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